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Rating: 2.00/5 - 6482 Giocate
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Genre: Action-Rpg

Guardians is a topdown retro RPG, modernised with new game mechanics and original pixel art. Enter a new city and excplore randomly generated dungeons. A massive ammount of swords, helmets, shields and armor, item shop and much more.



In-Game Instructions.




#3 fergusferret 2013-07-24 13:26
so full of bugs as to make almost unplayable

#2 Jairone 2013-07-24 10:04
Finished the first dungeon, and got a black screen once I left the final room with the first 'artifact.'
The first dungeon does indeed have a boss that jumps up and does aoe damage, so you have to kill it fast (hit it every time it isn't spinning of jumping to win, essentially.) The last room contains a much easier boss that can just be slashed through.
The problem with the game is the bugs. A game this bug ridden just should not have been released.
1/5. Not currently playable.
#1 earth 2013-07-23 19:52
semi-decent rpg from with 80s graphics, controls are bad since sometimes char freezes and can't move (which is bad against enemy) and bugs don't end there, sometimes level can be loaded as pitchblack so player is forced to leave dungeon, as usual character doesn't withstand much damage and that combined with slow movement means alot deaths, char deals ok damage although not sufficient to kill monster which apparently does area damage by jumping on ground, money is found on crates but prices seem to be tad high, graphics are totally 80s but do their work although are too small and sounds are ok and music is nice.

overall semi-decent but bugs mentioned and 1 bad enemy drop points.

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