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Rating: 3.81/5 - 16127 Giocate
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Genre: Action-Rpg

PLAY this Impressive Action-Rpg!



WASD/Arrows: Movement. Mouse: Attack and interactions.



#21 DMC 2016-05-24 12:46
Like the game concept, graphics are excellent. What I don't like is the WASD movement controls when the game grid is set in 45 degree 3rd person view, makes it tough to control having to press 2 keys at the same time in order to travel in a straight line.

Anyway, I give it 3/5
#20 CrisPshycodelic 2012-09-10 02:40
Very good, I loved the graphics system, history ... actually, everything well planned and perfect!! (Sorry do not have the full game)
#19 Sionnach 2012-06-20 17:03
Maybe this is the way, i try to kite monster, going backward in circles, many time they miss me.
#18 fancykm 2012-06-19 05:14
naturally 5/5
#17 fancykm 2012-06-19 05:13
wonderfull game:)
i played a lot ;]
#16 Ragnar 2012-05-11 15:47
It's a nice game - not the kind I would normally play - but demo's?
#15 fergusferret 2012-04-25 22:39
there is no way a character is going to get through the demo without dying a few times and there is no way any of the equipment in the shop is ever going to be cheap enough to purchase.

for a demo it is good.., for a game on here with such a low chance of getting better equipment and such a low amount of gold available to buy anything any way I have to give low marks

as a game it is worth 4/5 but as it stands it is only getting 2/5
+5 #14 Figsak 2012-03-03 05:29
Pretty awesome.

Demo = meh.

I don't like being teased.
#13 Sanzer 2012-02-24 00:38
Citazione mileraiche:
Its Diablo 3

Very close. The atmosphere and background/play area might as well have been lifted from the temple underground.
#12 mileraiche 2012-02-22 17:45
Its Diablo 3

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