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Rating: 3.71/5 - 16708 Giocate
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The Rise of a King
Genre: Action-Rpg

The Rise of a KING takes a turn to the role playing genre, but still retains the action from its predecessor.

If you havent played The Rise of a Knight, then there is a "Story so Far" section where you can watch a slideshow of what happened in the first game. Explore the world in and around Stormguard Castle as you start off on your first day as a Knight. Times are getting dark with the current king and many others behaving strangely while more and more dangerous creatures appear, causing trouble all over the kingdom. You seem to be the only one to see the obvious corruption, and its up to you to dissolve this matter...



Left and right arrow keys to move.
Up - jump.
Down - shield.

Spacebar - Interact

A - Normal attack
S - Heavy attack
D - Use selected spell

1 - Cycle through weapons
2 - Cycle available armor
3 - Cycle through shields

Q - Cycle through spells
W - Drink Mana potion
E - Drink Health potion

C - show/hide controls
M - Map
P - Pause game
T - Toggle quality

You can save your progress by sleeping in your bed in the castle barracks.



#4 fergusferret 2016-01-24 21:26
lots more controls that I have fingers and with dexterity being a bit low it is not that easy to manage. looks good but the way it plays is hard for me at least.

#3 littlepup94 2012-10-16 16:47
they should have more saving spots the castle is big is a pain in the ass... everything else works can even easily get money from the stupid cousins
#2 Ragnar 2012-05-09 11:38
Does not recognise keyboard commands 1/5
#1 harrier0 2012-04-03 14:46
Its ok but I find it a bit slow. The spacebar also seems rather sensitive and asks the wrong questions sometimes before you've had a chance to cycle through them.3/5

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