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Genre: Puzzle

Each puzzle consists of a grid containing colored clues in various places. Every clue, except for the 1’s, is half of a pair. The object is to reveal a hidden picture by linking the pairs and painting the paths so that the number of squares (including the squares at the ends) and the color of the path is the same as the value and the color of the clues being linked together. Paths may follow horizontal or vertical directions and are not allowed to cross other paths.
There is only one unique solution for each puzzle.



To create a link, click mouse on a clue and drag to a square with the same clue so that the length of the path equals the value of the clues. Links with length 1 are created with a single click. To edit, click one of the link’s ends and drag mouse to redraw the path. To delete, double click mouse anywhere on the partial link’s path.




#1 fergusferret 2014-08-11 11:25
nice pixalated picture puzzle well worth a try if you like puzzles


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