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Rating: 2.86/5 - 3292 Giocate
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Genre: Puzzle

It is a wonderful quest where you control a little man with rounded head.
Your hero have to help Big Green Dragon to return homeworld. Solve puzzles, collect crystals and travel in time to find way to help friend.



In game 3 times (Past, Present and Future), find the time-portal to move another world. Collect crystals to activate portals. You can view your location and current quest on the map (key “M”).
Left/Right – Movement
Up/Spacebar – Jump
Down – Activate
M/Esc – Map (Menu)




-1 #4 fergusferret 2012-07-01 12:39
strange game with no real info as to how it works

extremely easy puzzles and so called games.

-1 #3 harrier0 2012-06-30 21:39
I somehow managed to finish as well but mainly guesswork I feel as I didn't have a clue what was happening either, even with the map!2/5
-1 #2 DarkStar 2012-06-29 21:23
Having completed the game I have no more idea what it is about when it began. Dragons, time machines and boredom sums this up nicely.

The jumping is fiddly for me, the gameplay is extremely basic and the sound gets on my nerves after a while.
I find there to be no reason to recommend this game.
P.s. Really really easy. If you fail then you have none of my sympathy
-1 #1 earth 2012-06-29 21:11
not that bad puzzle but its bit too much going back and forth to look new places, nice idea although, not bad graphics.

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