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Rating: 3.28/5 - 3936 Giocate
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Genre: Puzzle

A 3D puzzle game with a chilling atmosphere.



In-Game Instructions.
Your quest in this strategic fighting game is to retrieve the sky harbor in a cool tug of war defense game. Build camps, train troops, collect gold, use magic powers and upgrade your technology.



#4 Eleonora2 2012-01-15 17:58
Citazione harrier0:
Excellent puzzle game

+1 a real challenge :lol:
Sometimes having trouble to rotate in the direction i want but still going to give it full score
#3 harrier0 2011-12-31 16:15
Excellent puzzle game, looks easy, it isn,t.4/5
#2 kakowna 2011-11-12 03:25
Muito bom, acabei o 11# e nem comecei o 12# pelo sono haha :/
-1 #1 fergusferret 2011-10-17 21:00
intriguing puzzle and I am stuck on level 9 just now


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