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Rating: 4.05/5 - 15494 Giocate
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Genre: Avventura

Sei Powell, un mercenario imbarcato sull'astronave Morningstar. La tua avventura comincia con uno schianto su un pianeta sconosciuto...





By now you know what it's like to be a Zombie...



#9 earth 2018-03-01 20:56
not bad but just too long.
#8 DMC 2015-08-18 05:50
I have to agree with the statement from harrier0, I'm not a big fan of point and click puzzle games like this. Some of the things you have to do in it are well beyond common sense.

However I will say it's a great story line and actually could be an excellent movie. I give it a solid 3/5
+2 #7 Corvindallr 2012-11-02 10:42
4/5 Good game. I got stuck a few times, but it was mostly me overlooking the obvious. lol Kept me entertained the whole playthrough.
#6 Ragnar 2012-05-15 23:07
4/5 interesting
-2 #5 fergusferret 2012-05-06 14:05
good fodder for a sequel at the end of this game. lots of detail in the story line and a lot to think over as you go through the quest to escape.

not too easy and just about not too hard for most players

-1 #4 Lhetre 2012-04-04 21:52
nice adventure, I felt sucked in the story, pity there is no sound on ageofgames and the videos (intro and outro) doesn't show - I had both on another site though
some elements you have to click on are (very well) hidden in the dark
all in all an excellent game
-1 #3 Figsak 2012-01-27 01:10
One of the best PaC games available.

4/5 stars
-1 #2 harrier0 2012-01-26 14:16
Well made with a good attention to detail, good storyline. Not a fan of point and click so 3/5
-1 #1 TheZman 2011-02-12 12:55
This game is awesome. Nuff said.

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