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Rating: 3.41/5 - 6403 Giocate
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Genere: Avventura

Secondo Capitolo di un'avventura intrigante.




Mouse. Doppio click per correre.

By now you know what it's like to be a Zombie...



#5 SB Game Hacker 2018-09-28 10:06
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#4 DMC 2016-04-29 14:29
Excellent continuation to the first game. Like the graphics and the story, some cool puzzles to solve as well as some shooting to do.

I give this 4/5
-1 #3 Ragnar 2012-05-16 22:07
well done - nice graphics not to everyone's liking 3/5
-1 #2 fergusferret 2012-05-06 20:07
nice sequel with a bit more to do and still has the character of the first.

-1 #1 harrier0 2012-01-10 15:31
Bit more to thisgame than the first version but still not to my liking.3/5

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