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Rating: 3.18/5 - 6799 Giocate
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Genere: Azione, Elementi Rpg

Combatti contro i cavalieri di Enrico VIII e infine sconfiggi il Re in persona!



Frecce per il Movimento, Z e X per attaccare.

Use arrows or WASD for move.



#3 fergusferret 2017-06-11 12:10
basic crap .. move to the left and press z and keep it pressed to win all the levels. no need to think even with this game.

#2 harrier0 2012-03-04 20:29
What an odd game. Very short with little skill. OK if you've got 1 minute to spare.2/5
#1 jamstercdg 2010-10-26 00:22
Ok. Comes down to who is faster and then button smashing. I'd like to see other armors used. I went light armor and the strongest weapon that gave me a speed advantage. It became no contest. Not much strategy.

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