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Rating: 3.18/5 - 22976 Giocate
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Genere: Azione, Elementi Rpg&Strategici

La guerra contro gli insetti alieni è cominciata...




Sparare: Mouse

Movimento: A,W,S,D

Cambia Arma: 1-4

Ripara Torre: E

Armeria: Spazio

Radar: R

Status: F

Pausa: P

Qualità: Q

Suggerimenti: I

Help: H



#7 fergusferret 2017-05-24 23:36
tiny screen so no real idea what i am doing in this so auto lowest score possible. anything else would be stupidity.

#6 Ragnar 2012-05-17 18:22
Must be a problem unplayable screen 1/5
#5 DarkStar 2011-07-29 20:36
Its a good idea but it is too easy. Just buy the upgrade for the normal gun and go to townon the enemy
#4 harrier0 2011-06-27 14:11
Is it just me or are we meant to be playing on an area an inch and a half square! Couldn't read anything or see what was going on. Tried to reload several times but still the same. Foe me it's unplayable.
#3 bushwhacker2k 2011-02-01 22:17
Still dunno why I couldn't buy stuff that time.... decent game, though it becomes too easy once you buy the best regular gun, and it just doesn't offer enough after that.
#2 bushwhacker2k 2011-02-01 21:53
WTF, it won't let me buy stuff?
#1 Deimos 2010-12-10 00:50
Just a tad annoying but all the same, it is acceptable.



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