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Rating: 1.57/5 - 2283 Giocate
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Genre: Action, Platform

Use your skill and reflexes to dodge obstacles and remain on the Platform as long as you can. Run, jump, duck and use Slow Motion to avoid hazards. Collects coins to buy upgrades that will allow you to stay on the platform longer. You may take two upgrades into each game, try different combinations to find your favorite! Play a friend or a computer in ‘Versus Mode’. Either compete for a better score or simply try to out live your opponent. In ‘Versus Mode’ collect coins to replenish your timebar.



Left-Right-A-D – Run; Up-W – Jump; Down-S – Duck; Space-F – Slow Time; Press P to pause and quit the current game.




#3 MisterD 2015-07-30 22:30
Dodge the objects action game.

Stuff falls from the sky, rockets shoot from the side and saws aim to chop off your feet - dodge it all. That's it!

No really that's it and it's not that interesting.

#2 earth 2015-07-30 19:26
avoid falling/flying/ground objects or char dies, easy enuf but needs good reflexes since while dodging flying objects player needs to avoid ground objects too, player can collect coins to buy upgrades to survive longer but no need to since player has got enuf of game way before has gotten enuf coins to buy more than 1 upgrade, decent graphs etc.

overall dumb and pointless game.
#1 fergusferret 2015-07-30 00:51
very basic dodge the missiles thrown at you be it on the ground falling or flying at you from either side. gets pretty boring after a few minutes.


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