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Rating: 2.70/5 - 5216 Giocate
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Genre: Action, Shooter

Prepare to take on hundreds of colourful spacecrafts... per second.



In-Game Instructions.




#11 MisterD 2014-04-23 22:12
Fast-paced arcade style shoot-em-up.

-1 #10 Ragnar 2012-05-11 20:19
2/5 in my book for its retro look alone and tacky annoying music
-1 #9 NoriLover32 2012-05-03 13:08
Normal shoot em up game play-- not my type of thing. The stages at the beginning are fine, but then it gets harder very quickly. It is hard to replenish lives. Not very well thought of in that aspect.

2/5 stars
-1 #8 Pentiumbug 2012-04-30 00:03
Very fast pace, with very simple but nice graphic little space shooting games.
-1 #7 fergusferret 2012-04-29 12:11
not bad for an old style arcade game

+1 #6 Mago-Merlino 2012-04-29 05:41
1) I don't get who blame about money, there is plenty of it, at level 7 i've already got 2 power ups at max (armor and damage).
2) To who say "i don't want to experiment with upgrades". There is nothing to experiment... 4 slots and 4 upgrades... lol... damage/armor/Wingmens/rapid fire. just get the bonus money in one slot till you don't need it anymore...
3)Someone had to play 80's arcade games, THOSE were frustrating when you saw GAME OVER, this game is easy.
The game is structured to make High Scores as in the arcade games, not to end it at first shot (anyway i think it's very possible if you are experienced in these types of games).

Well, i paused... level 10, still no deaths at first play and i keep going. Fun simple game, 4/5.

Edit : Oh well... ended, hall of fame 6th place. Easy :)
-1 #5 earth 2012-04-28 21:06
played this long ago at armorgames prolly, not bad shooter except the usual aka lack of money for upgrades.
-1 #4 oops 2012-04-28 14:51
i give it a 4/5. that out of the way i gotta dispute something with figsak.

Citazione Figsak:
In a world of flash gaming where ppl want to kill a little time and progress in a game over time,

2/5 stars

uhm. fig..we dont live in a game over time. what few games that have been released in the last idk how many years that have a life limit you dont really get a game over. sure it says "game over" but all it does is reset the level. just a small rant to look over
-1 #3 harrier0 2012-04-28 14:37
Ok to play just the once as a basic shooter but I don't feel inclined to experiment with the upgrades to see which works the best.3/5
-1 #2 Spazio1999 2012-04-28 14:12

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