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Rating: 2.76/5 - 7409 Giocate
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Genre: Action

Gravity Bending Battle Royal!

Take control of an upgrade-able fighter ( color choice on main menu ) and fight your way though 170 levels of back-stabbing, mine-exploding, trap-dodging, platform jumping action! The game saves your progress, so you can fight another day.



"LEFT" & "RIGHT" ------move you around the circles

"UP"--------------------------jumps between circles, when held adjust camera "up"

"DOWN"--------------------drops a mine ( if you have any )

"Z"---------------------------- initiates "zoom" when adrenaline bar is full

"X"---------------------------- initiates "shield" when adrenaline bar is full

"C"--------------------------- switches between normal and landscape camera view

"A" ( after collision )--- launches hook ( if you've purchased it )

"S" ( after collision )--- launches gust ( if you've purchased it )

Use arrows or WASD for move.



#5 fergusferret 2016-06-20 00:32
way too complicated to get more than a mediocre score in this site .. someone may like it but not for me at all

-1 #4 harrier0 2012-03-18 16:11
Don't think that I will ever get the hang of movement in this game + too many keys to remember, so I keep pressing the wrong one.2/5
#3 Figsak 2011-07-17 18:55
Fast paced games that employ the keyboard are a disaster in the womb. ABORT!

2/5 stars
#2 DMs choice 2011-07-16 13:46
VERY quickly, because I can't handle that! :oops:
Those quickly changing directions are very disorienting at the beginning. Maybe one gets used to it after a while, but I didn't have the nerve to find that out after getting killed within 1 minute for the third time.
No thanks! That game won't see me again.
2 stars out of 5.
#1 DarkStar 2011-07-16 13:20
Interesting idea but gets boring very very quickly

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