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Edit - I misremembered, Xzact did get a lvl 3 flame cape
Discussione cominciata da Megaomgchen , il 04 Settembre 12:39 AM

If he utilized armor, still one of the hardest challenges in the sport no matter I would bet under 10 people in the game could replicate the Woox Inferno challenge.I nevertheless think the level 3 Fire Cape by Rendi is the most impressive thing I have seen in the full game.Have you not seen xzact's lowest cmb inferno cape? Took him 11 tries to perform, meaning he had to OSRS gold receive every time to a lvl 3 fire cape JUST to try to get the smallest cmb inferno cape.

Edit - I misremembered, Xzact did get a lvl 3 flame cape, but didn't need to use a lvl 3 fire cape acc for every single attempt since he needed protection prayers to the inferno anyways.He uses protect prayer in inferno correct? Probably did not need to do a level 3 fire cape every time.Oh shit you're right he does utilize protect prayers. Fight caves is dull and costly with it.

It's impressive but its cape with food, no columns, potions or armor. Weapons & pray flicking only.Woox himself said he will not attempt Lvl 3 firecape since it is less of a struggle. Level 3 flame cape is tick manipulations and pops for over 100+ hours. Inferno pray flicking takes skills as you ca snare mobs and utilize runescape mechanisms to wear them down for hours upon hours. You have to combat & can never earn a pray flick mistake whilst frequently flicking for minutes on end.

Rendi had to multi-level movie only at the start of waves before he was able to get them trapped. I would say Rendi multi pray flicked less throughout the entire 100+ hour travel than Woox did in only a couple of high level Inferno waves.The only reason people do not tak about Woox's absolutely insane Infero run is since he did not advertise it. Meanwhile, the Rendi was on a several year challenge and entertainment journey so he had buy RS3 gold a much larger viewer base.

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