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Meaningful or not, when that casket popped on the display I cheered
Discussione cominciata da Megaomgchen , il 01 Settembre 12:22 AM

A very small bit literally teared up. Jesus christ, I can't believe I just admitted on OSRS gold the internet that a Runescape movie made me shout yeah, that happened.Yeah, it'd have some helpful gains, you're right. I forgot about your own disclaimer too, thanks to highlighting that.I guess I just got swept up in 37 days for elegant pants I just kind of forgot about everything else that you stated did.I'm also just now viewing your remark about not going past 9 hours without a second hint, my mental image was much worse when I left that remark.

Meaningful or not, when that casket popped on the display I cheered. Nice and congratulations work. Do not wait to see you tackle the Theatre. It is crazy watching a number of those Swampletics grinds and awaiting to your first UIM video complaining about crafting (in Morytania, funny enough). You have come a long way.I wouldn't say zero purpose, he did get his melee stats up a bit.I get that it does not seem like a great deal at this point that's reasonable but there's not really that much left pre-ToB.

I am wondering how much he even needs for his video, is there a chance it is uploaded by him ? No longer waiting a month between episodes?I'd feel as it's likely a week or 2 bc I would imagine all that's left at this stage is building a team.Well he needed backup bolt tips and more melee stats help + being able to make his own supercompost isn't nothing. Progress at this stage requires a month to get an inch but he needs the inches that he can get to receive down the theater. I really don't think it had been nothing.Agreed. I feel as though sometimes swamp man should not ask"can I?" But rather,"if I?"

But I mean this entire series should never have been something. The whole purpose is for it to be totally ridiculous.I do not believe I'd advocate doing so either, but it's definitely in line with the whole idea behind swampletics to start with.It's something which you have to be quite a specific type of individual for it to function. Most people would drive themselves mad, but swampman is just that sort of individual who can do it.It was much more entertaining content than most of those Barrows videos. There were ups and downs and even when the casket was ultimately moot the video did a really good job at getting me invested anyways. Besides Settled clarified in the video well enough that a) he had been RS07 Gold getting other stuff done on the account at the same time and b) it was about achieving it and the journey than the reward. And imo it certainly adds another piece of prestige.

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