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1. Creation screen


Here you can choose from 3 races and 3 classes. Races give you bonus points for skills and classes give you 3 unique skills.


2. City view


You can visit places here. The main mission will always have an objective mark over it, but you can do other things like search for mercenaries, visit the hospital, get farm money at the arena, upgrade your level at the motel, and so on.


3. Interacting with NPC


Some NPCs can sell you weapons and equipment, others can be hired, others give you missions and some just help you out with some info. Most of these interactions are optional.


4. Shops


Here you can buy weapons, armors, and other things depending on which shop you enter.


5. Cybercombat


You can access terminals to open a door or get some info if you have the password. If you have a strong hacker, you can hack the terminal and access by force.


6. Inventory


Here you can manage your team inventory, equip their best armors and weapons and distribute ammo.


7. Combat


Combat is turn-based. Basically you can destroy any object on the map, but keep an eye on the ammo.