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Rating: 4.39/5 - 35235 Plays
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Genre: Puzzle-Action

Help hog get the best score by popping balloons and swinging high into the sky.
Money can be spent on loads of fun upgrades including new characters to try.
Complete all the achievements for a real challenge!



A + D or Left + Right = Swing whilst grappled, uses energy
W + S or Up + Down = Change the length of the grappled rope
Mouse = aim grapple rope
Left Click = Attach and detach grapple

AOG achievements in Grapple Hog

Full Power (easy)
(10 AOG points)
Obtain full power on intial cannon blast
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+1 #20 Protoend 2013-06-07 02:50
I love all the items you can get my tip is get the grappling hook its realy good 5/5 :lol:
#19 Mr.H 2013-06-06 08:28
funny game
#18 rhino27 2012-12-24 06:08
I'm only love hog
+3 #17 killergods9000 2012-12-08 22:30
hard but fun 4/5 :-)
-3 #16 Skeith x9 2012-11-20 22:38
- Under rated comment - (show)
+4 #15 Sam_the_Cat 2012-06-04 21:57
It actually took a couple of tries before I realized you can only hook on to a balloon in order to grapple. Once I figured out how to play, it became a fun game. Although, like some others, I am not a big fan of having to use both the mouse and keyboard; nonetheless, it isn't a fatal flaw in this game, and achievements are always fun! 4/5. :-)
-2 #14 Ragnar 2012-05-04 19:08
This is one game I am truly bad at
+2 #13 NoriLover32 2012-05-03 13:21
Fun game, not very original, but still addicting. It's also nice to get some AOG points by playing this game.

5/5 stars
-1 #12 fergusferret 2012-04-25 21:56
finally got the achievements :D :P
-2 #11 Danqazmlp 2012-04-25 21:52
Quoting Figsak:
All achievements earned in 15mins of game-play.

In your face, idiot game!

They got your playtime ;)

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