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Rating: 2.73/5 - 4871 Plays
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Genre: Action

An apocalyptic action shooter set in the midst of an alien invasion.



In-Game Tutorial.




#3 fergusferret 2016-01-26 20:55
I have major problems with all keyboard games and their insistence on no adaptable keys for actions. not everyone has the same keyboard type and thus if you really want to make a game playable by all. make the controls adaptable. it isn't hard.

#2 MisterD 2014-11-11 21:40
Reasonable action shooter game with an alien apocalypse theme.

The controls are a little awkward, but overall the gameplay is alright with passable graphics, sounds and music.

#1 earth 2013-10-06 18:56
nice apocalyptic shooter, bit crappy controls (many times instead shooting char jumps) and aiming is crappy, plenty of things to collect and survivors to be found, more ammo etc can be bought and weapons can be upgraded, as usual char can't take many shots until dies but there are some healthpacks and char can eat food to restore health and health can be upgraded, nice graphics and sounds and music.

overall nice game but apocalyptic theme is bit overused, game is well made but controls make it bit difficult and w/o gun upgrades aliens withstand dmg bit too well and upgrades as usual cost fortune.

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