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Videogames and High culture

What are they, but most of all, what could videogames be? To what extent old and new generations are influenced and “educated”, whether directly or indirectly, conscious or unconscious, by video-recreational applications developed for the global market? What is the existing relationship between High culture, in the complexity of its own definition, and the world of digital entertainment? In 2018 Fabio Belsanti, a game designer with a historian background, and Roberto Talamo, a literature theorist and lecturer, questioned themselves and, at the same time, asked a first group of scholars/academics and developers, these and many more questions with the purpose to feed the international debate on the complex and multifaceted universe of videogames. In the spirit of the great essay Homo Ludens by Johan Huizinga the project has been designed with a clear multidisciplinary intent and will try to follow several directions involving in the definition of questions and answers academics and developers from everywhere in the world.