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“Eco Lab Show” Educational videogame

Team quiz game on environmental and energy conservation themes, made for Legambiente and ARPA Puglia.
Energy Lab Show is the first video game of the Age of Games Brand “Eco Quiz Show!”: an ambitious educational project using entertaining interactive multiple-choice quizzes, animated by fun 3D cartoon mascots, aiming to teach students, in a simple and direct way, the fundamental themes of environmental education. Placed and projected on a big screen in Multimedia Educational Classrooms “Energy Lab Show!” will drag pupils (and why not…teachers too!) in an unusual competition where the main prize is environmental knowledge, which we will be able to convey to new generations thanks to 3D short movies and playful devices. “Energy Lab Show!” catches the attention through special effects and disseminate environmental information by means of questions offering regular insights, which will allow all participants to understand every theme developed.
“Energy Lab Show!” represents a great opportunity for teaching without boring, for spreading knowledge and culture in a captivating and amusing way!