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The Tales of Eukarion are stories of epic battles and incredible adventures that entwine heroes from every race of the Land of The Seven Pillars.

Live the lives of great warriors, powerful mages and inspiring leaders. Take the role of elf, dwarf, orc, troll, undead and many more characters.

Beginning your quests in the world of Eukarion's Tales you will experience the adventures of the great knight Marcus, cross the Holy Woods of the Elves carrying the wand of Elendes and see the castles of Adamantia crushed beneath the blows of the powerful troll Thurm and scorched by the fires of the fierce orc Sghrowolk.

Buckle on your armour, open your spell book; choose the path of light or the darkness; open the doors to Eukarion's Tales and play the incredible tales of the Heroes of Eukarion!

The series contains the following outstanding gameplay features:

  • Action-RPG game;
  • A new Rpg Battle System;
  • A deep and involving Storyline set in a world inspired by the European Middle Age and enriched by the Fantasy narrative tradition;
  • Every Character has many characteristics and special abilities that you can manage and upgrade;
  • Incredible spells;
  • Hordes of Different Enemies;
  • Hours and Hours of pure Hack'n Slash and RPG fun!