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Rating: 2.30/5 - 10088 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, Tower Defence

Chop trees, plant trees, mine iron and build up a defense against the technology destroying zombots.



Attack: A-key; Move: Arrowkeys; Super Jump: Swim deep then swim up.




#8 cass 2012-12-18 21:32
I would of gave this 3/5 for a time killer however on day 9 i clicked build windwill by mistake and couldnt cancel it... i also had no empty space to place it, after pressing every key and clicking everything i found no way to cancel it so i could not do anything but wait for a building to be destroyed on day 12, by which time my bot was out of power and i didnt just lose 1 building i lost 3... it took me any days to recover...

another bug i found was after killing a wave i tried to build a turret, it ignored me but still took the resources!

the game is slow and dumb, it ignores commands if lets you make them at all! first game ive ever rated 1/5
#7 gggamge 2012-10-31 16:50
good example of careless attitude from developers.
#6 hhhhhh 2012-10-27 18:16
advertisement too long . It is annoying .
#5 earth 2012-10-26 21:24
very dumb game, player has very little to do and everything player can do uses robot's energy which looks quite difficult to get replenished, gun at start is beyond crappy, no rapid fire and it does very little damage, building costs are absurd (needs to cut 3 trees for mineshaft and if gets those and dies on 1st night it was waste of time), bad graphics etc.

overall just very bad game and way too difficult, only good thing in this game is that it can end very quickly so playet can goto play better games (there are better games in this genre like balloon in wasteland´).
+1 #4 DarkStar 2012-10-26 20:59
This is an exceedingly bad game in my opinion
The graphics are bad, the music is very repetitive and the gameplay is just downright bad.
Your robot is slow and unresponsive.
Sometimes it does what you want and others it just refuses to move.
You cannot cancel the attack command to make your robot do anything else when there are zombies.
+1 #3 fergusferret 2012-10-26 11:48
very slow to get anything done and thus very high chance of dying.

robot takes a long time to do anything at all and there is no way to make a new one to be of help. a good idea but not a good game.
#2 Apollo 2012-10-26 08:59
Pretty nice game. A bit tricky only in the beginning, before you learn how to place your buildings. Played for 30 days, but at that time I was longing for a save function. Click on robots to switch character (took me a while to figure that out), they are upgraded separately.

Note: as for now, this game works better on Newgrounds (an updated version).
#1 uglybones 2012-10-26 05:24
Is there a point to this game or is it just endless?

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