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Rating: 2.61/5 - 8019 Plays
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Genre: Defense, Shooter

Destroy entire waves of war boats with your turret. How long can you survive?



- use the mouse to move your turret
- click to fire the primary weapon
- hold the spacebar down to charge the secondary weapon
- upgrade your turret between waves




#6 cass 2012-12-20 20:14
rubbish game... you have to aim away from what you want to hit with your machine guns to hit it...

machine guns are obviously your primary weapon as your other you can only shoot 2-3 times a min..

i played to lvl 6 to see the new guns and im happy to never come here again... 1/5
#5 Figsak 2012-08-25 21:52
Played this up til level 10.

Just a very basic, very ugly defense game. Nothing very wrong here, just too much of the same ever level to justify finishing.

2/5 stars
#4 earth 2012-08-24 19:52
ok shooter with weird idea and controls, alot to upgrade, nice amount of weapons (reloading prim. weapon takes just too much time), basically same enemies on 1st 6 l.evels added with 1-2 new types, aiming is ok but otherwise shooting is bad due like I said earlier reloading prim. weapon takes time and small targets are hard to hit w/o it, when there's more than 2 enemies in screen prim. weap's proble´ms show up more.

overall ok game but those I listed above drop it below ok.
#3 harrier0 2012-08-24 14:16
I'm afraid that I only made level 4 before stopping with the frustration of the secondary weapon spread and the serious lag problem. These difficulties just didn't make the experience enjoyable for me, others may not agree. 2/5
#2 fergusferret 2012-08-24 13:34
I have to agree with jairone about annoyance about the little ships between the secondary weapon. I am of the opinion that the secondary weapon should actually be the primary as it gets to fire a lot more often than what is called the primary weapon. just a pity it isn't calibrated more to be able to target without skewing the guns a little.

I have got to level 8 and have to say I am not quite as bored as jairone probably is but I have had enough of trying to target little things.

it ius a good enough game but same old levels with just a few more enemies turning up isn't good enough for a good score

#1 Jairone 2012-08-24 04:59
Ok, whereas I am personally bored with the game as of level 5, and played only until level 8, I still have to say that it is well done. The game rewards priority and accuracy, but does not punish you too hard if you miss a little.
I found myself annoyed mostly with the smaller ships that fit between secondary weapon fire.
I did not like the lag going into each level. That was annoying, but no big deal yet. It might be more of a factor in later levels.
Overall, a solid and playable game... but nothing special or great. 3/5 for average averageness.

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