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Rating: 3.38/5 - 7009 Plays
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Genre: Adventure, Platform

Deep Sea Hunter is an upgrade-based underwater exploration game. Discover and hunt various types of creatures as you explore the deep sea with your submarine. Dive as deep as possible and collect as much gold as you can before you run out of fuel. Use your earnings to upgrade your submarine's missiles, sonar, rotor blade, hull, fuel tank, treasure magnet, and gold detector.






#6 DMC 2015-08-17 13:07
Very nice game to play to pass the time, good graphics even though it's not very detailed. This game get's a solid 3/5
+1 #5 Jairone 2013-01-09 12:53
Much of the same, with the following additions to mention:
1. Only boss without a sweet-spot found was the Elder. Elder was also the hardest boss to find for me. You have to swim well away from the wall at around 1600 depth. First boss sweet spot is just creeping up toward it. Cthulu is from below.
2. You can go below the depth shown on the meter. I managed 4k+ without much patience used.
3. The lack of consumables to enhance your range heavily favors low uses of movement at a time, slowly moving forward so you can blow up whatever comes without moving around it.
4. Jellyfish are the best farming at the start. Even starting you will clear a cluster just sitting still without damage, and they drop more than the rank 3-5 enemies per cluster. Until you have fuel and speed at a 6 or 7 you will not gain much from trying to get deep and find chests.

Hope that helps anyone who wants an easy time of it!
+1 #4 DMs choice 2013-01-09 10:31
I think this is a simple and very fun game, although it has its flaws. The major one is, that it has no event that feels like a real ending and simply goes deeper and deeper at some point. Which is especially pointless because you reach the upgrade caps and fulfill the achievements pretty soon.
Some consumable power-ups would be cool at that point that you can at least try to spend your masses of money to reach ever new depth highscores.
Apart from that I think this game is very beautifully made and atmospheric. And Cthulhu gets extra points! :lol:
However, I'm afraid this game is not really Greenpeace-approved :-*
4/5 stars
+1 #3 earth 2013-01-08 21:34
basic adventure game with new idea submarine as adventurer, nice idea otherwise but game comes quite boring after few dives since enviroment stays same everytime so player will start to remember what route to use, nice amount but pricy upgrades and although money is given nicely prices jump so much that player needs to do several dives to get enuf money for upgrades (in other games its called grinding earlier levels), very nice graphics and ok sounds and nice music, bit difficult and dumb gameplay, plenty of sealife to kill but totally another thing is to do that before fuel ends.

overall nice game with new idea but bores quickly since no change in gamearea and money requirements for upgrades rise too quickly.
+2 #2 fergusferret 2013-01-08 11:26
Mouse only based movement system... Left click to move and point the curser away from the submarine to move. Take your finger from the left click and it stops moving.

simple move strategy, upgrades seem to be ok as well but with a short play this is only going on 3 upgrades on a few of the upgradable bits, there are quite a few upgrades available so it all looks good so far.

downsides ... there is no real goal other than the collection of treasure and killing a few fish.If the game had an ending achievement it would get better marks.

This is on the same level of continuation as magi ... there is no end goal.

having said that it is not as good as magi and I see nothing so far that suggests this is a platform based game. Lots of achievements available but no other levels.

+1 #1 Cherries 2013-01-08 09:40
best game ever played :lol: upgrades and setup were awesome. game just keeps on going, a never ending adventure ;-) looking forward to seeing another, 5/5 well put together :-)

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