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Rating: 2.39/5 - 3852 Plays
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Genre: Action, Platform

Harness the magical power of light to penetrate the darkness, fight monsters, find treasure, and rescue your dog Ralph in this atmospheric action-platformer.



In-game instructions.




#4 DaemMkVI 2013-07-31 09:41
The sprites in this game have big hitboxes.
#3 fergusferret 2013-07-23 20:37
becomes boring after a few rounds and frustration starts to creep in as boredom makes you lose concentration.

good game if you want to play a platform of the old style

#2 Jairone 2013-07-23 14:07
The game is very platform heavy. Lots of jumps and spikes in combination.
The boss is a pain, with a tracking attack you have to hit (annoying with the attack system for the character),
and a tight jumping requirement to get to safety.
It is fairly short (I did it in about half an hour with a keyboard that hates 2 keys pressed at once, making about half my jumps miss.)
Treasure is only for score, so if you want to see the game for the game casual play is ok. There is no upgrade system.
2/5. Unless you love platformers there is little reason to play.
#1 earth 2013-07-22 19:56
decent shooter platformer but sudden deaths start to get on nerves quickly, shooting is bit awkward due need to point direction and with multiple enemies it can cause death when walking into 2nd enemy, jumping isn't much better than shooting since char doesn't jump quite high or far, alot times char walks in darkness (and usually drops or walks into trap) unless uses limited mana (replenised on light) to see around, coins and treasures to collect (some purpose maybe but it didn't get told before I got enuf), decent graphics.

overall decent game but just too many bad things.

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