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It's a cool concept, but it also causes you to wonder
Discussion started by Megaomgchen , on 23 November 02:44 AM

It's a cool concept, but it also causes you to wonder why a sequel is different when the corporation could continue to upgrade and change the game. If you factor in the want of Activision the entire thing begins to Diablo Gold make sense, however.

And what better way to market more games compared to expand to new platforms? Blizzard started as a PC-focused programmer, and it made a push to the world of consoles over the past few years, but one location where the storied studio has barely scratched the surface is mobile. Soon, that may change -- and Diablo: Immortal, that was declared in 2018, may only be the tip of this iceberg.

"In relation to Blizzard's strategy to mobile gaming, a lot of us over the past couple of years have changed from playing primarily desktop to enjoying many hours on mobile, and we have many of our finest developers now working on brand new mobile titles across all of our IPs," said studio co-founder Allen Adham during a BlizzCon 2018 press conference. "Some of these are with external partners, such as Diablo: Immortal. A number of them are being developed internally only, and we'll get information to share on people later on."

The recent release of Warcraft 3: Reforged, that aimed to update the RTS classic, does not inspire confidence. The remake surfaced using several connectivity and functionality problems, and bafflingly, it changed how the game that was original functions. The problem got bad enough that Blizzard began offering fans refunds irrespective of playtime.

Granted, Blizzard didn't have fixer Rod Fergusson in its own ranks. And based on what we know of Diablo 4, it's appearing to be the sort of grim, badass action game that lovers are awaiting. The next game at the franchise that is demon-slaying only happens to be shaping up https://www.voidk.com/ in the development studio through a period of cultural change that is sweeping, and that is bound to affect the match. "We've got new products in development now at Blizzard than we've ever had in our history," Adham said at BlizzCon 2018. "And our future is very bright."

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