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Who did inferno without armor and without food?
Discussion started by Megaomgchen , on 28 August 12:14 AM

The argument could be made that if folks wanted to OSRS gold take of breaking the inferno months that the prayer flicking method would readily be doable. The difference between both is that there is a blueprint for your own lvl 3 prediction since noone has yet although whereas there isn't a blueprint for inferno not since one cant be created. I believe that should put two people up against each other with no google an infinite amount of time that I guess the inferno qpuld be finished before the fire cape personally.

Who did inferno without armor and without food?Different skills, both equally striking in my opinion.There's more to skill than just prayer flicking.When asked about it on stream, Woox stated the most impressive thing completed in the game was xzact's 46 cb Inferno.Xzact then did a 40 battle cape.Have a URL to this barrows tank evaluation? Could not find it.The most insulting part relating to this scenario would've been not even using them. Dhide boots provide the prayer bonus.He only alchs them.I got Rangers my first moderate and it has subsidized my money stack since.

I would gladly donate that RNG to him he would have that moment.Got tired just imagining really doing this.And to believe if he had a partner play when he slept the mill might have been done in a few days. I understand that's not even remotely the same or even the purpose of this mill though.That would totally devalue the accomplishment. Next thing are going to employ people to receive rare drops ! Oh wait.

What an Authentic fucking gamer

"You go to the bathroom, you are not getting clues. You shit in a bucket, you're getting clues" -Swampletics

Watch at 0.25x speed for optimum enjoyment!I watch at 0.25x rate and hold down spacebar to cycle through pause and play. I have not completed a lot of RS3 gold the video. Does he get the casket.Prayer flicking the pause button.

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