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I see posts about 2K needs to be fixed and what's wrong with 2K
Thursday, 30 July 2020

What do you like about 2K?

I see posts about 2K needs to be fixed and what's wrong with 2K. While I do not disagree with you (NBA 2K is far from perfect) I'm curious as to the reason you play 2K and what you enjoy about it. What mode do you play and why? What do you like about 2K? Since whenever I buy a sports game that I like to play multiple seasons and then build a dynasty, me personally, I love myGM and myleague. Also all things considered it is a basketball simulator. We could be playing with NBA Live just like a bunch of heathens. Used to play with mycareer but I got tired of paying an extra $30 to make my player bearable. But this post is it is about the 2K.

Not surprised but most of these remarks are about 2K sucks. Stop buying it if you hate it so much. I'll be over here enjoying myLeague. You could of just said something like"I enjoy smacking my buddies online" or even idk. But y’all keep hating. I love it looks like the previous 3 matches. Yeah it's the exact same game from 2K17 but I feel all sports matches could be accused of this. Not a 2K problem.

I honestly really dislike the way NBA 2K is set up and needs some serious progress but my passion for basketball is the only reason why I continue to play with NBA 2K. Yeah, again I'm not defending NBA 2K but there's gotta be a reason most of us buy that? I like finding new music. Soundtrack is usually among the consistent things in 2K. What do I hate MYcareer? We are all going up in flames.

I like Online myleague. Super underrated aspect of NBA 2K. My hate is that they should place more focus on myleague. Contain All star weekend more easy to advance through offseason without glitches. Used to play myleague for hours with my brother but now he moved and it is not as enjoyable by myself. Now the only reason why I play with NBA 2K is because I have like 7 buddies that jump online for pro-am or rec. Offline the gameplay is a number of the finest in the series, online (which the most played manners are) NBA 2K is absolutely terrible and I would hate every single moment of it if I was not in a celebration with my friends while playing.

What would y’all like in Next Gen my livelihood

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