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I forgot a few things that were minor and created some modification
Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Red is higher and 7stars. Generally I use up and including 9 stars to nourish mag (doesn't apply if you go for a DEX mag). And 10+ for recycle store or thing grinding. (complex stuff, but at the pso2 sales time you get this far you should know what this is). And Rainbow al though on jp I never noticed this occur so far. Also first piece has 1 sentence that appears to be cut off partway and to the sentence? Sorry for the post that is exceeding. It became way then planned. I moved to the JP server a couple of weeks back to get the hang of Phantasy Star Online 2 and learn some things. Each the above were stuff I am glad I heard them.

You're welcome. I forgot a few things that were minor and created some modification. Sorry for those edits (most of these were about gathering). So I have stuff I analyzed up stuff on JP till personality degree 78. I only played for like 3 weeks, so I have a newcomer view. Added a small section for fixing the mag. As it e.g. falsely say that someone will probably never use items. While they are used to balance/fix specific stats to prevent leveling in more or two stats with your mag.

Merely to clarify 1 thing, Expeditions (Free Fields at JP) simply send one to the Campship straight away in the event that you select"Search in Multi Blocks" when starting the assignment. This matters since you're able to take a mission, choose start within this Block, do the client purchase option in which you pick dictates that apply to your assignment, and then immediately reselect the Expedition, Urgent Quest, whatever, and then select Mukti block from the counter (it will only confirm you want to abandon the quest you already started). This way you only get orders that are pertinent to your assignment. You can select whether block or multi is selected by default in preferences.

Strategies for bouncer?

I got to vhard along with I am being given a difficult time by the directors. Trash is easy to clear but the only reason is from automate and iron will and that I run through my supply in one fight even with megiverse and resta. I got my control to use macros so weapon band and subpalette swaps are quick and easy and may use my subpalette from button combos but I do not know when to use different skills. I have what if my plan be for bosses although both concentrate the iframe skills in the bouncer tree as well as skills and'm likely to max dash and from the hunter tree? When should I be charging techs for jet vases change? Which techs are best to put to the sub palette for element?

I basically just try to charge up my estimate in jet boots mode and try to kick when jet boots skill is busy and swap to soaring blades with its busy but I am having a hard time managing my iframes and am basically spamming skills without understanding what I am doing in these fights. For blades, I try to search for openings for blade since that seems to be the burst for towering blades, but I am finding it hard to use. What should my plan be with soaring blades in boss battles? They largely examine the absolute basics of cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta what the skills do but maybe not so much on when to apply them although I have observed vids and there's so much nuance in using the skills when airborne vs ground, chained in a combo.