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Rating: 1.44/5 - 4324 Giocate
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Genre: Strategy, TD

Take control enemy buildings, create monsters unit from your hut, defeat all enemies and conquer all bases!!



Use mouse to control. See in-game instructions.




#4 fergusferret 2014-07-13 18:29
I have allowed time for the team to do their thing and sort this but not a lot has been done so I am left with no choice but to give

#3 DMs choice 2014-07-10 11:55
Citazione MisterD:
So this game doesn't load at all for me. Is that the same for other people?

I'm left with no choice.


I agree
#2 MisterD 2014-07-08 22:30
So this game doesn't load at all for me. Is that the same for other people?

I'm left with no choice.

#1 earth 2014-07-05 20:31
nlot worky not that it matters since game itself is very stupid and difficult even on 1st level, player is supposed to conquer all spots before enemy does it but player can only have limited amount of units existing (barely enuf) and those units don't withstand damage that well (luckily same applies to enemies too), plenty of upgrades etc but different thing to get those, money isn't problem at least early due unit limit, nicish graphics and rest.

overall another bad game and very similar game has already posted to aog, player needs to move and create units w/o much delay since otherwise enemy overwhelms player.

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