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Rating: 3.97/5 - 22423 Giocate
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Genere: Rpg

Scopri i segreti dell'isola di Acero in quest'eoica avventura Rpg.




Tutorial nel gioco.

By now you know what it's like to be a Zombie...



#6 fergusferret 2015-06-12 15:26
interesting game with a long long way to go to even level up on first few levels. spamming battles seems to be the way to go on that one but even so it takes a long long time.

hard to give many more points that I am giving

#5 harrier0 2012-05-13 20:33
Everything seems to happen quite slowly and so it takes an age to progress. I found it rather boring. I appreciate the amount of work attached to the game but can't give more than 3/5
-1 #4 Tommy Daniel 2012-04-13 04:38
:zzz :-x :oops: :cry: :D
+1 #3 azen22 2011-04-20 13:02
:D i like it!!!
+1 #2 Warhurst 2011-03-10 00:19
I love this game just wish that things could be more interactive like in the scrapyard with all the junk robots just standing around should be able to salvage from them.
-1 #1 impact666 2011-02-07 02:27
cool le ti jeux

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