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The Cape is obtained with Achievement Diary Hood
Discussione cominciata da Megaomgchen , il 14 Gennaio 12:37 AM

The Cape is obtained with Achievement Diary Hood from Twiggy O'Korn situated in Draynor Village, south west of the bank. He sells it to get 99k GP exclusively to gamers that OSRS gold have all Diaries finished. It is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult items to acquire from the sport as it requires not only quite high skill levels but also the completion of various tasks which often involve complex quests. Achievement Diary Cape becomes trimmed after conclusion of all quests, making the revised variant even harder to obtain. It's only trimmed when all the quests available in the game are completed. Therefore, every new assignment needs to be finished, too.

Achievement Diary Cape also includes ten daily teleport charges to any Achievement Diary Master, which makes it a wonderful transportation item.

Even though a number of the achievements do take place in Draynor Village, Varrock, Lumbridge, and other free to perform locations, Achievement Diaries are not available for non-members players. Therefore even doing proper actions will not give the various rewards to the f2p participant. Even though there have been a number of rumors about making some new Diaries entirely for players that are free, there's absolutely no proof from Jagex.

Those who manage to finish challenges from among the difficulties in one of the regions will likely be rewarded with assorted things and benefits. Completing one of those Diaries might lead to unlocking new places, additional teleports, special cloaks, or even experience lamps, which may be utilised to enhance the skills of participant picking. You can find most notable of the rewards available in this action below.

Ardougne Diary. In addition to buy RS gold this, the participant wearing this cape will get: 50% more fish out of Fishing Trawler, 25% more Marks of Grace from Ardougne Agility Course, 10% more successful pickpockets approximately Gielinor (even without a cape armed ), boundless teleports to Ardougne Monastery and many other less noteworthy rewards.

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