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Lol I'm only kidding though. Congratulations on realizing
Discussione cominciata da Megaomgchen , il 10 Settembre 03:48 AM

Lol I'm only kidding though. Congratulations on realizing who you really are and taking that step. I hope that your loved ones and friends were supportive and Animal Crossing Items accepting.

How did the people in your life respond if I may ask, after seeing this? Did they know it clearly? I feel as if my gran wouldn't have.

Edit: Btw I only realized this is sort of like a birthday don't you believe? All the more reason!

Look, Im glad you've made youre and this realization happy. But to maintain that joy it takes work, although please understand that coming out may bring you pleasure at the moment. Dont lose site of this, because there are going to be even harder times. You will be challenged constantly by the world around you in ways you might not even think about. Im not saying this to scare you, Im saying this because there is a disproportionate quantity of unhappiness in the community, and I would rather have you.

May you forever not have the ability to detect your pleasure, but also keep it. :)

On finding of that you're Trans congratulations! I am thankful that you were helped by Animal Crossing to finding out that you Trans

Animal Crossing was one of Buy Nook Miles Ticket the matters that helped me figure out that I was non viewing as you could experiment with Various hairstyles and clothing without being judged by anybody

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