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Fantasy Kommander - Eukarion Wars INTRO VIDEO
Chroma Wars
Set on Earth, in a future and parallel dimension, Chroma Wars is a game centered on the management of techno-fantasy military bases and armies, where magic and technology work together in furious, incredible battles.

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Eukarion Tales 2 - Marcus and Eladen
I was traveling to complete the training as a knight of the Absolute, but the voice of the sacred tree sounded in my mind.
Play this outstanding Hack'n Slash-RPG game
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MedievalWars2 europe
New "Emperor of Europe" campaign Medieval Wars 2

Medieval Wars 2 is a turn based strategy casual game based on hex maps, sequel of Medieval Wars.
Based on an advanced battle system you can test your strategy skills. You can manage your captain's equipment selecting weapons and armor that will affect your stats.

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Hacker VS Hacker
Test your computer skills and rule the Net!
You will need a wide arsenal of malwares to smash the defences of the best hackers in the world.
Be careful not to leave your computer vulnerable...
King's Island 3
Enter the Lost City and meet Lola the Enchantress...
Will you find the exit of this Ancient Dungeon-City built by crazy architects obsessed by magic??!?!?Play Now
Eukarion Tales 2 - FullScreen Standalone Version

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King's Towers
You are the General of the King in charge of Defence and your mission is to prevent the islands from being destroyed killing, by any means, anybody heading for the circle of death.Play Now

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