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Rating: 1.20/5 - 4920 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, Other

Alien World Domination is a strategy game which you served as World Commander, you are appointed to manage the world on a mission to defend the Earth from alien attack. You will control more than 150 areas and cities over the world, you can build and upgrade military building, develop military combat troop, create mass destruction weapon such as nuke, develop defensive system and attacking alien areas.



In-Game Tutorial.




#2 fergusferret 2015-04-26 20:12
ok tried to play this game but it appears I am either inept or the instructions given in the tutorial and the help files is inadequate. there seems to be a good set of troops under the control of the player but the aliens seem to have the offensive might that makes this game unwinable. the idea is to research some form of bomb that will destroy the enemy mother ship (named grandmother ship in game for reasons unfathomable other than the english is bad to put it mildly).

here is my suggestion for this game .. pick a round cylinrical object with a bottom and open top .. place game into it... walk away :-*

#1 earth 2015-04-26 19:49
dumb and boring game, player just sends units (if has those which is unlikely) to battle against aliens after those have attacked and that's it if lets advisors to control forces, plenty of units (different thing to get all of those) to be built, nicish graphics and rest (although music starts getting on nerves after awhile).

overall dumb semi-strategy wargame where player doesn't need to do much besides build more units (if has enuf cash) and send those on battlefield when a need arises.

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