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Rating: 3.71/5 - 10106 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, Rpg Elements

Various castles in the kingdom are being attacked by numerous vicious creatues! Set out a strategic plan and decide which of your allies should fight the enemy. Can you complete the 21 challenging bonus-missions?



Mouse. In-Game Tutotial.




#4 Apollo 2013-10-26 16:02
Really, you can beat every level (on hard) with just two sorts of units, using rangers and/or elves for mass invasion. But I’ve seen other games in this genre having the same issue, so I guess it’s a tricky work for developers to find the balance between not too easy and not too hard.

It’s a well-made game though, and I think it deserves a good rating.
#3 earth 2013-10-25 20:30
nice strategy game but easy difficulty is really easy on early levels especially after few updates and then player can just concentrate on farming gold and upgrading things (and cost of upgrading is quite cheap vs gold gotten from farming), normal medieval units which cost isn't that big that it would be problematic (especially after upgrading starting silver and silver gotten per second), monsters are normal monsters varying from easy to kill not that easy to kill, few spells (which casting require money) are available but need for others than lightning is other things, unit limit is quite low but it can be increased by upgrading (there's nothing that can't be upgraded), verynice graphics and sounds and music (which suits well to game).

overall very nice game but easy is too easy and high rewards make farming easy so player can just farm 1st level until has gotten upgrades on 2 digit level and then move on, some achievements to get but those are just eyecandy.
#2 fergusferret 2013-10-25 19:20
hmmm you can drag all your men all over the place if so required. a fairly easy game with little to make the game too hard and the ability to get your men to the battle area sooner than them walking alone makes this a lot easier than it should be really. ad to that the fact you can redo the missions again and again to mine cash for upgrades as well as take the fast track to gaining cash in game for warriors makes for a rather too easy game.

plays ok and the graphics are adequate just too easy.

#1 Apollo 2013-10-25 12:28
(I considered it a cheat, but) if you drag your taxmen back and forth, you'll quickly bathe in money :P

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