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Rating: 3.82/5 - 16913 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, Turn-Based

The player is thrown into the shoes of an old knight who has been banished from the capital for flirting with the queen during a royal banquet. Collect a rag-tag army of knights and peasant and set forth to find the the fabled City of Engineers. Research new technologies such as cannons.



Mouse. In-Game Tutotial.




+1 #4 exMachina 2013-08-22 03:53
Hey guys - did anyone else when they defeated the final guy get a "you lost the game" message after the queen says her bit?? My main guy was still alive, think the 2nd armored guy died earlier, maybe that's why?
#3 artso 2013-08-13 12:44
Love this type of game, it reminds me of both Fantasy General and Warlords... good old days :) oh - and Battalion Nemesis from more recent times

It is just way too short. I wish there were more missions to try out all those various exotic units in (e.g. horse archers and musketeers appear only in one mission). It would be cool to have more of a campaign feel with units XP and/or upgrades.
+1 #2 earth 2013-08-10 20:18
looks nice turn based strategy game and works nicely but not a fan of these type of games, looks to be bit buggy since suddenly couldn't end my turn nor move remaining chars, nice graphics and ok sounds and nice music.

overall nice looking game but not a fan and few bugs wete forgotten to squash.
#1 Jairone 2013-08-10 11:30
Few levels, but they are long.
The game forces certain strategies on the last couple maps. As hints: Sacrifice a few units on defensive terrain for deep forests.
Build mostly swordsmen the first wave or two on capitol, but then branch out to other units. You will want more muskets, so make sure to buy those some turns, otherwise spearmen are a good spam unit!
The difficulty is very high on these last two missions, unless you know what to do you will likely lose.
3/5. It is a nice tactical game, but it could use more levels, a deeper story, and a little less strict required strategy on the last two levels.

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