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Rating: 3.04/5 - 7278 Plays
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Genre: Strategy

The Empire has declared a bloodthirsty war against you and your monster comrades, leaving the fate of the wastelands in your hands. Strategize your way to victory or will you perish with the defeat of the evil Empire's mighty sword?



Mouse. In-Game Instructions.




#5 fergusferret 2013-10-29 09:31
bolems are absolute rubbish. they live for a very short time and once back in the fort they just fade away so you are continually having to replace them and whilst doing that you are losing the battle as enemies get past in droves.

sorry but I am not impressed at all with this

#4 earth 2013-06-22 19:57
basic td game, never enuf money so getting defenses up requires trial and error, towers are bit crappy (and upgrading them costs fortune due lack of money), basic enemies (although due dark graphics its difficult to see differences), few spells, towers and units can be improved between levels (although upgradepoints aren't given much), nicish graphics although too dark (day isn't much better) and nice music.

overall basic td with 1 bit new quirk (day and night), money is problem as usual (useless to think to get all spots filled until near end).
#3 Ragnar 2013-06-22 18:09
fun enough as a generic TD defense game with some effort put to make it different a good 3/5
#2 Jairone 2013-06-22 07:29
A little bit entertaining, and the swapping day and night phases is an interesting mechanic... except that the golems are stupidly underpowered later on.
Once vampires are buffed, the golems seem weak.
This leads to balance issues, and the need to frantically try to compensate on day phases.
The other mobs seem rather weak, and unless the last unlock has aoe attacks and 75% dodge or better the vampires are just OP by comparison.
The towers do not do enough damage for some of the later waves, and this becomes problematic when the golems are too weak to stay out for long.
Finally, there is no 'speed up' option, which makes some fights very dull (bosses, oh the waiting for bosses to die!)
2/5, good ideas, but poor implementation and the standard TD flaws of too much money late, and too little early.
#1 sassoun 2013-06-22 06:30
game is good,it is a regular defense game. However, I really didnt like the Golems! It is hard to control them and keep losing because of them.

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