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Rating: 3.17/5 - 11798 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, Turn-Based

Your tactics are to create an army of 100 points and send that army into battle against other 100 point armies. In 'Tactics 100', you choose the army suited to your fighting style. Tactics 100 is a fair fight and the winner can only be determined by who has the most skill. The way you attack affects the outcome, you can attack from high ground, at point blank range, from behind your enemies and many others. Use this to your advantage against your opponent.



Mouse. In-game tutorial.




#5 cass 2012-12-09 19:58
oh id give it 2/5, close to being a 3 but just cant bring myself to do it...
#4 cass 2012-12-09 19:57
well that got old quick... thrown into a battle with no tutorial or advice, fun for afew mins but i didnt have the intrest to do fight 2...
#3 harrier0 2012-10-17 13:52
Have to agree with both previous comments. This game could have been so much better but let down by small play area and confusing damage system.2/5
#2 earth 2012-10-16 20:27
just dumb game, too small play area which gives enemy too easy access to backstab, some weird damage calculation, nice graphics and ok sounds and quite good music, horrible gameplay.

overall just dumb some kind of strat game in way too small are(n)a.
#1 fergusferret 2012-10-16 10:20
strangely reminiscent of chess but much less interesting. I got bored after a few minutes of play but then it is almost pure strategy and whilst the cpu makes stupid moves they are tactically sound as far as the cpu is concerned... ie attack from behind if possible ... only problem is the 3 enemies behind you that can attack and thus kill you whilst you attack and reduce a single enemy in health.

as a tactical plaything it is ok but not the game I was expecting it to be. I may try again at some point and continue to level 2 but for now it is enough to know the game is easily beaten with the correct tactics.


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