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Rating: 2.58/5 - 7353 Plays
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Genre: Strategy

Angry goats, slimy slugs, fire ants and poppy gorillas wage war against each other. Choose which city you wish to attack and defeat your enemies.



In-Game Instructions.




-2 #8 fancykm 2012-06-23 12:42
-2 #7 fancykm 2012-06-23 12:42
[quote name="Figsak"]Worms, if worms sucked.

bad try:/
#6 Ragnar 2012-05-07 12:53
Not for me 2/5
#5 Figsak 2012-01-16 22:24
Worms, if worms sucked.

2/5 stars
+1 #4 earth 2012-01-16 21:39
copy of worms 2 but worms pwns this 10-0, aiming is crappy, ai retarded and can't see where enemies are so hitting relies on luck (or good eye figuring angles etc).
#3 harrier0 2012-01-16 15:08
Short and sweet without being at all taxing.3/5
+1 #2 fergusferret 2012-01-16 13:45
very easy game indeed and very short. even walking a character off the little island didn't stop the ability to win.

the graphics are adequate even though they seem chunky, movement is ok unless you have a character covered with gunge when it then has no jump ability. attack is a pull and fire job but has a better hit chance than some games I have tried lately.

#1 bartvt 2012-01-16 10:37
Way too easy, retarded AI, bad clone of a bad game.

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