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Rating: 3.23/5 - 8438 Plays
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Genre: Rpg

The Crazy 44 ninja clan is taking over Pop Rox City! It's up to you to take them down. Assemble your team, and turn to the shifty mafia for help. Head into battle in this off the wall RPG! ** Recommend playing in full screen mode.



In-Game Tutorial.




#2 fergusferret 2013-03-26 14:55
definitely not an rpg... good idea for a game but badly set out... no idea what most of the items are supposed to be for and the hot tub is just a waste of time. at least the healing bar will heal to full but with no after fight rest and recuperation this is a game that favours the A. I.

very unbalanced really even though it is fairly easy to play

#1 earth 2013-03-22 21:33
old but ok game and very far from rpg, idea isn't bad although its completely stupid, fighting is unbalanced since enemies do more damage than char and companion so healing is needed quite often (and health bar can be bought only 5), nice amount of things to buy and upgrade most of those, nice amount of recruits (although only 1 can assist in battle (no idea if 1 dies will another join fighting)), no between battles healing (which bites bottom alot since it just increases difficulty and usage of health bars) and each area has few battles so quite often 1st turn goes healing (healing when levels up helps bit) and luckily chars can use item and attack on same turn, nice graphics and ok sounds and music, somewhat easy to play.

overall ok game but many things are just plain stupid and just to make game more difficult.

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