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Rating: 3.91/5 - 10298 Plays
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Genre: RPG, Turn Based

You have to develop your own game. The main point of games such as this is to make the right choices and be successful. Follow the instructions if provided. You may find that you grow hooked to the game and come back for more in your virtual universe. You have the option of saving your games and coming back later to continue or starting a new one. You also are able to gain credits for use later on this or other games.



Mouse (In-Game Tutorial).




#3 earth 2013-01-09 21:52
very good and also weird management game (this time about game industry), best thing in game are reviews since those are bad no matter how many stars project has, projects can't be cancelled and in bigger projects it comes problematic if all workers are doing 1 project which takes forever to finish (1 big project I had it took hours to finish) and no money to hire more workers to small projects to bring cash, play are is bit smallish (especially after has hired all workers and build tables (especially big projects require long line of tables) and workstations etc), training might be useful but I think best is to learn via doing things (my workers did mostly everything), bit oldish graphics but suit well to this game, ok sounds and music, easy gameplay although alot clicking needed, achievements bring money which is needed since games might not bring it that much.

overall good game with nice idea and its best part being game reviews (there's no apparently game which would be good in all reviewers eyes), biggest difficulty is to have money to do projects (especially if is doing 1-3 bigger projects and games aren't producing much), if wants to get all achievements (especially 1k star game) then needs to prepare for several hours of gaming.
#2 fergusferret 2013-01-09 15:10
Management is not my type of game really and it shows in the crap scores and lack of cash made.

there will be lots who like it but not me.

+3 #1 Jairone 2013-01-09 05:01
Fairly standard management style game. The biggest difference here is in pre-planning. You cannot alter workers after training them, so make sure to pick one or two genres of game, and balance your workforce toward that end.
Even without perfect balance, you will do well.
The game could use a little more for options. (Re-training employees if desired, some more options for higher costs and benefits in the various build areas and with consumables.) As it was, I felt like early one money management was difficult, but after several medium sized games it became too easy (non-existant, for all that I needed to.)
The game allows you to keep playing after meeting the objectives, but there is no need. I had around 2 billion in cash on hand near the end. Do note that all currency is marked via decimal places.
The sounds and music aren't bad, but nothing exceptional... and the slurping gets old.
3/5... the planning required is good, but the difficulty later in the game makes for a let-down.

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