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Rating: 4.07/5 - 21875 Plays
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Genre: Rpg, Turn Based

Your task in this turn-based treasure hunting RPG game is to reunite the pieces of the legendary Golden Robot and defeat the Evil Wizard and his army of minions. Battle mythical creatures and evil wizards, dig up exciting treasures, play bar games against drunk Vikings, fight alongside little critter friends that you discover along your quest, and much more.



Mouse and see the In-Game Tutorial.



#9 HungryDarkness 2012-09-02 09:12
A solid game. Simple, yet entertaining. Not a fan of the daily time limit, though I understand it's purpose. 4/5
-1 #8 fancykm 2012-06-21 04:10
+1 #7 fancykm 2012-06-21 04:09
Quoting TheZman:
The "Hero" looks like a cross between Indiana Jones and Homer Simpson.

#6 harrier0 2012-05-21 23:11
Even though its quite a basic game I liked that. There's enough in the way of upgrades and equipment to keep you interested and whilst enemies get tougher they are not unbeatable (even if it does take a few goes!)4/5
#5 Ragnar 2012-05-11 16:02
3/5 ok game
#4 fergusferret 2012-04-29 20:16
simple game with the element of a puzzle. lots of things to go and do but limited in replayability

#3 cneilson 2011-03-27 20:35
Interesting concept. A few different things to do in game. The minesweeper aspect was very different and actually useful during gameplay. Not much replay value to it though, and there was a limited variety of challenges. All in all a decent timekiller.
+2 #2 TheZman 2011-03-02 22:43
The "Hero" looks like a cross between Indiana Jones and Homer Simpson.
#1 Mala 2011-03-02 21:20
epic intro

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