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Rating: 3.86/5 - 7099 Plays
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Genre: Puzzle

Use the items in each level to connect electricity from the source to the target.



Use the mouse to drag items on or off the game board. With items that can be flipped, click on them to reverse their directions. Press and hold Space bar to show movable items.



-1 #9 wolfbeast 2012-05-01 03:02
i like this game
-1 #8 Spazio1999 2012-04-20 23:54
-1 #7 Skeith x9 2012-01-01 22:42
Where have I played this before? AG, I think... Oh, well.

Being a huge puzzle fanatic, I found this to be extremely enjoyable the first time I played it, hopefully it hasn't changed. 4/5
-1 #6 Figsak 2011-12-25 17:55
What a brain-fuck... :cry:

I don't like games that feel like work.

This is well made and I'm sure plenty of puzzle fanatics will like it though.
-1 #5 Lukila 2011-12-24 18:35
40. Level is too much for human brain:)
-1 #4 DMs choice 2011-12-24 15:42
Has something of a learning game from some website for school kids. Quite intelligent, but it lacks some flair.
3/5 stars
-1 #3 harrier0 2011-12-24 15:18
Clever little puzzle game which didn't grab me. Still 3/5 though.
-1 #2 fergusferret 2011-12-24 14:17
starts easy enough but then gets very tricky soon after.

-1 #1 earth 2011-12-24 03:01
simple at start (didn't play further).

nice game for those who like puzzles.

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