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Rating: 3.00/5 - 3491 Plays
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Genre: Action, Skill

Funny smilies always dreamed of flying over the ocean! But their way isn’t easy. Smilies will face to many obstacles: prickly thorns, wild birds, falling rocks and huge bombs are waiting for them! However, transkopter will help them to overcome adversity and get to the other shore. The journey begins ACROSS THE OCEAN!



Arrows – to fly; Space – to load the smiles; Ctrl – to use the boosters




#3 MisterD 2014-07-07 22:42
Simplistic transporter game.

This is clearly aimed at a younger audience as the game itself is relatively straightforward. All you have to do is transport the smilies across the screen to the end of each level. The upgrades are essential to getting better control of the copter.

Graphics, sounds and music are all okay and it actually plays reasonably well too.

Just about par for the course.

+1 #2 earth 2014-06-29 21:09
nice game for younger audience except there are levels which require very steady moving which that transporter isn't that capable, game works ok, few things (pricy) things to upgrade to earn more money, nice graphics and rest.

overall nice game but there some levels which require few attempts to pass.
+1 #1 fergusferret 2014-06-29 09:13
simplistic game from kidi so probably made for younger players. not the best game I have played but there is nothing special in the way things work here.


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