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Rating: 1.43/5 - 3634 Plays
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Genre: Action, Platform

Play in Story Mode and defeat the evil Jean Pierre once and for all or fight countless waves of enemies in Survival mode as you upgrade and try to get the most amount of KOs as possible. Addicitve game featuring tons of upgrades, abilities, items, and even a Crazy Violin limit break for total crowd control!



Arrow Keys = Move; X = Jump; C = Attack; E = Use Potion; Q = Skip Wave




#2 fergusferret 2014-06-09 22:52
very hard game to get through and that is from the start .., it just gets harder from then on and the controls are completely crazy.

some arrows are used for movement but x for up and c for attack is new to me and thus makes the game harder.

loses points for no adaptable controls.

#1 earth 2014-06-09 20:34
otherwise nice game but controls are crappy and there are too many enemies to kill and some deal alot damage (wave 6 is difficult, 35 enemies to kill and many of those can grab char and deal alot damage), few upgrades to buy but prices re ridiculous vs coins gotten and quite often there are no health potions to be bought and those are very needed, normal enemies don't withstand damage much but those grabbers withstand damage bit too well, decent graphics and rest.

overall nice game but difficulty is ramped too high and controls aren't helping (quite opposite actually) much and enemies have advantages which char doesn't have, some regeneration would be nice since if ends prev. wave on low health then next wave starts at same health (if shop doesn't have health potions), flying bat/bird helps a bit but far from enuf.

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