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Rating: 3.46/5 - 5638 Plays
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Genre: Action

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#5 earth 2013-08-28 20:39
Quoting fergusferret:
in the way it may well never end.

it doesn't since after battallion kills last boss and after visit in shop it starts again from beginning and ends same way as before.
#4 fergusferret 2013-08-28 17:28
very limited game. the men collected form arrowhead attack formation and can be almost made single file if you have to squeeze to a side for a chance to dodge bombs from bombers.

no real change in the format as this game continues but it appears there could be an end somewhere, just not found it and with the number of different attackers, or could they be defenders, in the way it may well never end.

basic and overly tight in the terrain with little cover and no way to either slow down or speed up

#3 earth 2013-08-26 19:45
Quoting Jairone:
2. The soldiers can only follow 1 formation.

exactly and that makes avoiding of 3 bombers difficult and leads loss of soldiers (of course there are replacers but if has battalion mostly missilers and machinegunners and gets riflemen to replace lost soldiers then is in bad situation).
+1 #2 Jairone 2013-08-26 03:55
There are a number of cool things, in the most part I agree with Earth's review.

There are a number of flaws:
1. Randomness of difficulty. The game throws the enemies out in a number of patterns. The problem is that a few of the patterns can overlap to cause almost impossible situations or that you can get easy mode through almost an entire map.
2. The soldiers can only follow 1 formation.
3. The missiles target the closest object, regardless of the intelligence of that choice. I got very tired of blowing up crates while bunkers, tanks, and helicopters were shooting at the group.

The game does decently, but the few flaws are glaring. The lack of priority firing for missiles, and the random combo factor, make for certain setups being far better than others, and that leads to feeling like the game is balanced around 1 middle point skill (Flame wave >> all!) and the late game weapons and troop boosts.

3/5 from me.
#1 earth 2013-08-25 20:24
nice scrolling shooter except it gets boring since only 1 lvl which battallion runs thru, alot different kind of enemies to kill and buildings to be destroyed, more soldiers can be gotten to battallion by rescuing them (there's limit per rank how many soldiers can have), few enemies are nasty (those which shoot in multiple directions at same time and bombers since if there's 3 bombers bombing then it can mean end of battallion), upgrades can be bought once levels up and 3 guns and 3 specials will come available during leveling ups, alot achievements (too much and some are difficult to get like several hundred meters solo run with leader only since it becomes available so late that player has bought all upgrades already which leads to that its difficult to kill rescued soldiers w/o killing leader too) to get which give money but those achievements are pretty normal aka collect x gold/get x xp/etc, 2(/3 depending how last boss is counted) end lecvel bosses which deal alot damage and are hard to kill, 5 different type of soldiers to rescue (each/most are part of achievements too), nice graphics with ok sounds and music (which blocks sounds).

overall nice shooer but eventually gets boring especially when hunting achievements (100 of those) and due running same level again and again, enemies are pretty standard soldiers and so are rescued soldiers too.

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