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Rating: 2.43/5 - 6013 Plays
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Genre: Action, Shooter

Santas Battlefield is a Zombie/Monster shooter where Santa has to battle an endless barrage of zombies and monsters unlocking awesome weapons and upgrading them.



Movement = WASD. Reload = R. Click = Shoot. Mouse Move = Aim.




#5 MisterD 2015-12-03 22:36
Played once, then locked up after I was killed.

Don't bother with this one!

#4 Askling 2011-12-21 03:02
The "Accept" button doesn't work.
#3 earth 2011-12-21 00:56
weird santa shooting game, weapons are gained when blood meter fills up not bought and money is spent on upgrading weaps, santa should be bit faster since sometimes monsters get too close, new type of enemies occasionally but that doesn't help since after few levels this game gets BORING!!!

upgrading weaps is bad since it needs to be done while there are enemies on area and nothing tells how much each upg costs.

I guess there's 30 levels but I got enuf ater 27 levels after getting all weaps and upgrades.
-1 #2 fergusferret 2011-12-21 00:37
bad game with duel controls for move and fire... cannot use mouse and move at the same time. means it is unplayable for me and as such 2/5
+1 #1 harrier0 2011-12-20 21:21
Not working for me, tried several times.

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