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There are many different types of spirits in Spiritwood, and a for an effective defense it's essential that you take advantage of the strengths of all of them, whilst minimising their weaknesses.



Glacial Sprites, for instance, do not cause any damage, but instead slow enemies down massively.

Isolated, they are of little help, but if you place one in the middle of a group of other towers they suddenly become the crux of a surprisingly effective deathtrap



A brilliant combination is to pair the Glacial Sprite with a Druid. The Druid's slow, rolling balls of energy will do huge amounts of damage against a powerless, frozen opponent



Flame Spirits might at first seem the weakest spirits in your inventory, but they're so inexpensive that without expending many funds a player can easily build up an unstoppable wall of force that will put a dent in even the most full-scale invasion



Warlocks are another specialised spirit that you can use. Against fast or medium-paced enemies, they don't deal much damage. Put a Warlock near a Boss enemy or a slow soldier, however, and it's a different story. Whilst Warlocks may not be great at dealing damage to fast units, they're by far the most effective spirits in the game at damaging Boss monsters.



The opposite of the Warlock is the Farseer. Unlike the Warlock, the Farseer's attacks don't do much damage. They do, however, have a very long range.



The real advantage of the Farseer isn't just his range though. His bullets home in on enemies over vast distances. When confronted by a force of fast enemies, the Farseer's homing bullets are often the only thing that'll stand between you and certain death.


With all the different spirits to choose from, the best tactic might seem to be a "corridor of death", stacking spirit upon spirit in a compact area to form a hellish ordeal for your opponents to pass through. This, however, is not always the case.


After every 10 waves, a new path will open up, and if your towers aren't sufficiently spread out then it's likely that none of them will be of much help against the new force assaulting your tower from an opposite direction


In the case of an emergency like this, a great idea is to create a last line of defences before your castle to ensure that no enemies do get through. A wall of Nightwalkers does the trick nicely.


It's important to remember that every 10 levels a new path will be opening up, and to anticipate this by saving money, investing in Farseers, and spreading your units out rather than clustering them together.

It's also important to remember that often an upgraded tower will do more damage than two basic towers. An upgraded Warlock (with Blue Blast) for instance, can level enemies in a way that lesser units can only dream of.