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Video Games & High Culture

What are they, but most of all, what could video games be?

To what extent are old and new generations influenced and “educated”, directly or indirectly, consciously and unconsciously, by the videogame applications developed for (and in) the psycho-social space of the “Global Market”?

What relationship exists between High Culture, in the complexity of its (re) definition, and the world of contemporary (Cyber)Ludus?

In 2018 Fabio Belsanti, CEO and Lead game designer of AgeOfGames with a background as a historian, Roberto Talamo, literary theorist and teacher, and Elisa Di Lorenzo, CEO Untold Games,

questioned themselves and, at the same time, asked a first group of scholars/academics and developers, these and many more questions with the purpose to feed the international debate on the complex and multifaceted universe of videogames.

In the spirit of Johan Huizinga’s great essay “Homo Ludens”, the project has a clear multidisciplinary approach and will try to proceed in multiple directions by involving scholars and developers from all over the world in the formulation of ever new, problematic questions (and, perhaps, answers).

In addition to an extensive video section, with discussions and interviews, the project contributed, in collaboration with professor Marco Accordi Rickards, CEO Vigamus Foundation, to the creation of a first miscellaneous work that crystallizes some reflections developed during the round tables. The work is entitled “Homo Cyber Ludens” and has collected very high profile contributions.



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